The first time I met Lulu, she looked harmless...

#1 in my TODO list, peeing in the sofa.

Airedales + Alcohol = Armageddon

Her favourite sleeping place

Look at the birdie!

She throws her dog food in the air, it goes below tables, so she thinks it's alive.

Pretending to be tired...

Kicking the ball!

What should I destroy next?

The hunter and the prey

Stairs... it's her portal to destroy all places!


Again sleeping and blocking other passage

Hidding to sleep

Oh God! she's going to jump and bite me somewhere!


In the wilderness

Spying the neighbours

Gang leader

Asking for food


Deep sleep

Happy on holidays!

Sitting over a chair, like humans


I can't tell what she's saying

Showing the tongue

Miel (Honey in spanish), a rescued dog

An old Lulu sleeping

A sad face

Resting on the sofa

More sadness (a new trick to gain food)